Thursday, November 6, 2008

As I Sit in Neptune...

Neptune > Seattle > 98103 > 8415 Greenwood Ave N

...I realize that I've found my second living room. Actually, I like it here much better than my living coffee is terrible and my cat is a jerk. Not only can I wake up here with a good ole cuppa joe, but I can have a PBR or glass of wine, eat a tasty sandwich, have friends over, listen to great music, bullshit about the female view of "Family Guy", work, and even craft!

Yes, I am cheating on Chocolati, my past favorite Greenwood coffee shop (sorry Molly!) -but this is so much more roomy and bright!

Top 5 reasons why I love Neptune:

5. They sell Mighty O Donuts, which are donuts that I don't feel so terrible about eating because they are organic.

4. The owner let me bring my dog once. (Yes, I am now one of "those people". But don't worry, I have yet to buy a doggy carriage or a knitted sweater. However, I could knit him one on Wednesdays at Neptune during the Stitch & Bitch. )

3. Everyone who comes through the door of Neptune either for work or coffee I could see myself having a 4 hour conversation with. Good people. (Even that weird little guy who does the internet marketing software programming or whatever. Well, maybe just a 30 minute convo with him)

2. The coffee is FANTASTIC! They even make my latte foam pretty. Sometimes hearts...sometimes fluffy ferns....

1. It has WiFi and is a spectacular place to work.

Thanks for coming to Greenwood, Neptune!

Restaurant Inspection Results

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