Monday, December 1, 2008

Cafe Rozella

Cafe Rozella > White Center > 98106 > 9434 Delridge Way SW > Coffee > Literary Arts > Community > WiFi

I don't get it, maybe I'm not enlightened enough, maybe I just don't know the whole story. Cafe Rozella is dirty...really dirty. I think the sidewalks are cleaner than their floors. It wasn't just their floors, EVERYTHING looked dirty. The Mexican mocha that I'm drinking is pretty good and the barista was very friendly. I had heard that they also serve wine. The barista said no, but I should ask the owner, a stoic man heavily puffing on a cigar right outside the door.

Hold, please, while I do my research.

Okay, so Cafe Rozella hosts all sorts of multi-cultural activities as well as live performances. "Where do these people perform?", you ask. I don't know. Cafe Rozella is tiny. During the summer, they host activities in their parking lot. Also, they host gatherings for writers, poets, artists and other sorts of intense and interesting people. Unfortunately, I don't fall under any of those people. The only two topics I can bring to the table are food and real estate. That fact aside, I still think I get it -this is more a community gathering place than a coffee shop. Cool. Did I mention how dirty it was?

There is a really great article about Cafe Rozella from the times. Take a look at You can also find out more about their events and activities at the Cafe Rozella Blog.

Restaurant Inspection Results

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