Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maharaja Cuisine of India

Maharaja Cuisine of India > West Seattle > 98116 > 4542 California Ave. SW > Bars > Lunch > Dinner > Happy Hour > WiFi

After a long absence, I am returning to this blog with one of my favorite places of all time, The Maharaja. You may have driven by the cheesy exterior of Alaska Junction's Indian restaurant, or even eaten inside the chandelier strewn restaurant -but many have not been inside the hidden jem, the Maha bar.

Although not as cozy and 'divey' as it once was, with it's 60's decor, torn booths, and year-round Christmas tree, it has somehow maintained the feel of a welcoming neighborhood bar. I attribute that to Bogie, the bar manager. The dark granite, fancy bar, leather chairs, and fancy finishes, are balanced with quirky regulars, stiff drinks, the original wall mural of Seattle(the one thing left intact after the remodel), and the welcoming bartenders. Bogie, the bar manager/bartender, is the only bartender that I've ever given a Christmas card to. He makes this place feel like a friend's living room to me, as well as many others. Now, there is a new addition to the staff, the sweet and adorable Courtney.

Without further ado -and sappy descriptions, here are the Top 5 reasons that I LOVE the Maharaja Cuisine of India:

5. The Lunch Buffet is $9. Although it isn't as good as the actual dinners, I can come for lunch, work on the free WiFi and chat with my favorite bartenders all at once! What a great place to come for a work lunch!

4. The cast of regulars. The Maha is like a uber-dysfunctional version of Cheers. The look of the bar may have changed, but the patrons have not. You never know what to expect as the night progresses.

3. The happy hour. From 4-7 ad 10-1, there are drink and menu specials. The happy hour menu is a spectacular deal.

2. The stiff drinks. Enough said.

1. The bartenders, Bogie and Courtney. I have never seen bartenders take such pride in their work. If the Maha and it's bartenders had a mission statement, it would probably be, 'The Maha Lounge is a drinking establishment with the goal to create a comfortable atmosphere in which patrons can happily take part in extensive drinking, dancing, singing, and bullsh*tting." P.S. Bogie's drink concoctions are tasty -so just ask him to surprise you!

Thank you Maha. I'll see you tomorrow.

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